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We are a new car rental agency Marrakech, recently created in order to provide our customers with a variety of cheap vehicles in the city of Marrakech. We offer you a set of automobiles that are in very good condition, you can rent a car with cheap rates from our quality company.

Type of vehicles:

Acquire a coupe with our Marrakech car rental agency, book a ROADSTER or a CABRIOLET with cheaper rates. Our company also offers you to rent a VOLKSWAGEN PHAETON for a luxury and comfortable journey. Since the old cars tactot, which still exists for hire via other conventional car rental agencies.
car rental morocco
Our agency is also specialized in renting used sedans which are still in very good condition, these cars are very suitable for long distance. It also offers a set of Break used for rent, for suitable prices.

Classic vehicles:

In the city of Marrakech, you can use coaches that are one of the most used means of transport in Marrakech, a type of horse-drawn car or car Diligence, or car patache. A checkmark is a great horse-drawn vehicle, well known in this red city. For information, all our cars have original bodies, which resist well.
In the city of Marrakech, if you are a fan of classic vehicles then there are agencies that offer a Jew's harp, or HITCHING CARS. You can also find a jeep for rental or a four-four. Soon, Marrakech will use a tramway to facilitate the movement of travelers.
Our partners, you can also rent trucks if you are a company. For any information please contact us, one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible. a car rental service Marrakech cheap via our agency, 24/24.

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